About John

John is a Central Ohio native. An OSU brat thru-n-thru. His father retired from Ohio State. John grew up racing around campus, and had 50 yard line seats (section A, row 21) throughout his formative years. John earned two degrees from OSU, and has years of experience creating visual stories for Ohio State and the OSU Medical Center.

John has won awards for nature photography, and in 2009 John was awarded 1st Place in the Buick NCAA Human Highlight Reel international video competition.

With a Master of Arts in Documentary Filmmaking in hand, John was the Executive Producer (show runner) for Ohio State University Medical Center’s OSU MedNet, a weekly, live, one‐hour, multi‐camera, multi‐package television production. He was responsible for quality and creativity, field and studio productions, as well as ensure that the university’s brand and mission was delivered. And in 2006 the program was presented an Exemplary Award from the ACCME.

Later, John moved to the College of Education and Human Ecology where his visual story telling continued. John provided technical and creative leadership with all digital media related projects. He composed and edited scripts, hired and monitored freelancers, contracted with media and talent agencies, and managed a 1mil State of Ohio grant. In 2011 John produced an ARRA funded documentary series about technology in the K12 classroom.

Currently, John is Manager of Photography and Video, creating visual stories for a materials testing supplier, providing technical and creative leadership with all still and motion imaging projects, from concept to delivery. Imaging works that sell products, demonstrate DIY repair, and promote the company’s brand and mission.

His technical experience includes Pro Cam, DSLR, Digital Cine Cam, Drone, GoPro, Location or studio lighting, Digital Audio, and Adobe CC.

Among other projects, John is presently working on a long-form documentary about the trials and tribulations of a High School senior growing up in depression era Akron Ohio.

From concept, plan, budget, write, shoot, edit to delivery, John Croyle has successfully told stories.