John Croyle Works
  • John Croyle’s Demo Reel

    From concept, plan, budget, write, shoot, edit and delivery, John Croyle has been there and delivered.

  • PSA

    Do you have a message you want to deliver to your stakeholders, John Croyle can plan, write, shoot, edit and deliver the message you need communicated

  • PSA Series

    Consider a series of videos with a single message to reach out to your stakeholders at different levels.

  • Business Brand

    Creative works featuring Gilson Co.'s commitment to their stakeholders.

  • Documentation

    One of 8 short-form documentaries funded by an ARRA grant through the State of Ohio Department of Education. (Technology in the Classroom series)

  • Award Winning Stories

    Buick and NCAA Human Highlight Reel competition – 1st place. (LaCrosse the Nations 01:00)

  • Product

    Do you have a product you want to feature on your social media site, or within your own website? (SP-52 Sample Reducer 02:08)

  • Historical

    Let John Croyle plan, research, and gather your assets for your story, or take your acquired assets and create a trailer for your project.

  • Explainer

    Video is a great tool explaining processes, reasons, or issues to your audience, especially for your visual learners. (ORD-REC Rubric 04:24)

  • Business Promo

    Communicate the perfect message, every time, with viral videos that are short and to the point. (USA Seibukan series, one of seven video shorts 00:30)

  • Compelling Stories

    Another creative Gilson work promoting Gilson's story.

  • Gilson Homepage Video

    The task was to create a video for the company's homepage.